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Our mission is to provide the highest quality

baked goods that are always gluten free and always delicious!




       Are you dedicated to a gluten-free lifestyle due to Celiac Disease or wheat sensitivity, yet still aren't feeling terrific?


        After testing for the well known allergens such as dairy, nuts, eggs, etc., consider testing for corn and soy sensitivities.  In the USA, corn is a widely utilized grain, with more than 100+ food derivatives with names that don't include the word "corn" ('artificial colors and flavors', anyone?)-- and, like soy, these ingredients can cause or exacerbate long-term health concerns. That's why we here at GFBCo. proudly use no corn or soy ingredients or derivatives in our goods.

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Gluten Freedom is proud to offer many delicious gluten free options for your restaurant, storefront, or market.  Prepared in a professional kitchen that will never see a speck of gluten, you can be assured of fresh, top-quality foods that meet both your, and your customers' needs, without the worry of contamination.



Find Gluten Freedom in these Establishments


 Cardiff Seaside Market, Cardiff

     Cream of the Crop, Oceanside

     Catamaran Resort Hotel

     The Hen House

     Mister A's

     San Diego Convention Center

     Saturdays @ Little Italy Farmers           Mercato 8-2 pm

     Sundays @ Rancho Santa Fe                   Farmers Market 9:30-2 pm

     Pre-Order Pick-Up Thursdays                @the GFBCo. 4-6 pm

   Coming Soon to Your Grocery Store!

We'd love to have our products available in your favorite San Diego County grocery store. Download this form, fill-out & take to the store's manager.

              Dear Store Manager GFBCo. 2023


                           Please & Thank You!



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Sourdough Artisan Boules on Etsy!

           Celiac disease was a new term for me nearly 20 years ago. Baking and cooking were my go-to hobby, therapy, and joy.  I had to rapidly transition to the gluten free lifestyle for the sake of my husband and children.  I started small, but soon found myself learning about worldwide sources of ingredients, flours, starches, gums, powders, and more that could be used to create delicious, healthy, and safe food for my family.

         I said goodbye to the days of baking perfection with all-purpose wheat flour & its stretchy gluten proteins;  and then I said hello to a future of gluten-free chemistry that challenged me to craft edible, flavorful, non-gritty baked goods.  After decades of experimentiation and education, I am thrilled to be able to share all I have learned in the form of unbelievably delicious (and guaranteed gluten-free!) products that everyone can safely enjoy.

Let (Gluten) Freedom Ring!

With Love, 

Stephanie M.

 Owner and Chef

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“Give me liberty or give me death,  just don’t take away my pot pie”


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